Every once in a while, through the planning process,you may suddenly find yourself running ragged at 97 miles per hour while your soon-to-be-betrothed sits on the couch like a bump on a log, remote in hand, just waiting for you to tell him when and where to show up! If you’ve been lucky enough to snag a more “hands-on” sweet pea, then you’ll love our list of practical ways to get him involved without having to micro-manage OR worry about throwing off the flow:

The Guest List

Both of you will have an idea of who you want to attend. Send him off to create his list, you create yours, and then discuss together. Just make sure you set limits from the get-go so you’re not weeding out his junior high gym coach when you had in mind an intimate affair of 80.  Check out wedsgf.com for a seamless way to create and store your guest list for when you need it.


This is something most men take pretty seriously. It’s like his chance to play producer and book his own show for the day. And since a good DJ or band can make or break a reception, it’s something we often recommend splurging on if you find a good one. And your groom will find it entertaining and maybe even fun, trying to find the perfect sound that reflects the both of you. Choices like Platinum Productions can create lighting to seamlessly work with the music and set the entire tone for your reception. Or if you have a lot of out-of-town guests that won’t be able to make the trek, Remix DJ’s is a company that offers web-streaming during your reception so they’ll feel as though they were there.


What groom would turn down a food tasting? Hopefully you’ll get to tag along as this is best done in pairs!  And just don’t forget to tell him if there are any specific dietary restrictions he needs to alert the caterer about.

Rehearsal Dinner 

Traditionally, the groom’s family pays for this anyway, so it actually makes sense for him to spearhead the rehearsal dinner. The groom may better understand his own family’s financial constraints or have unique ideas of how to celebrate that reflects him more, since the wedding more often reflects the bride.


If you leave the bride to plan the honeymoon, it is often left as the last thing with little money to spend. Give your groom a budget from the get-go and let him plan the details. By the end of your big day, you’ll be ready to get away and happy not to plan another thing! Just pair him up with an expert who can assess the ideal destination for you and create a custom honeymoon you won’t forget. A couple of our favorites are Travel Benefits by Design and Island Dreams Travel.