Honeymoon Destination Preparation

Finding the perfect place to celebrate your new marriage is key. You have to factor in both personalities and interests to merge into the perfect balance. We’re here to help you with your honeymoon destination preparation.

Have you found your wedding shoes yet?

Honeymoon destination preparation is a lot like buying wedding shoes – finding the pair that matches your wedding dress style and fits perfectly matters. a lot! I’m a size 6.5 (yes, I know I have tiny feet). Could I wear a size 9 shoe? Kind of. I’d at least have shoes on my feet, but it wouldn’t be ideal or the best fit. I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable, and would fall a lot! It would be crazy for me to spend my hard-earned money on the wrong pair of shoes when I could have the best, most-meant-for-me pair in the correct size and style! 

Similar to this, you have to perfectly fit your personality and dreams to calculate within your honeymoon destination preparation. Did you know that every resort is different and has a unique personality? It’s crucial that you find the best destination where the atmosphere, vibe, and activity levels fit you and your fiancé. Even within the same resort brand, there are entirely different atmospheres and vibes at each property. Let’s explore this real-life narrative:  

Jack and Cassie are excited to honeymoon in St. Lucia and want to go to one of the three Sandals properties on the island. Jack loves adventure, trying fun new restaurants, water sports, and going to pool parties. Cassie loves reading books and soaking up the sunshine by a quiet pool. 

When they looked online at the the different properties, they loved one of the rooms at Halcyon Beach. It had great reviews, looked gorgeous, and fit their budget perfectly, so they booked it. When they arrived they planned to compromise and enjoy things they each wanted to do while on the trip. However, they quickly discovered the property was ideal for Cassie, but Jack was growing bored and restless. Halcyon Beach is very tranquil and doesn’t have a lot of activity. Cassie could tell Jack wasn’t loving it as much as she was. When they went home, Jack felt like he didn’t get to experience what he really wanted on the trip.

Had Jack and Cassie done their honeymoon destination preparation prior to the trip, they would have realized that each of the Sandals properties in St. Lucia has an entirely different personality and vibe. The Regency La Toc resort would have been a much better fit for Jack and Cassie. The property is built into the cliffside and is more spread out. This provides a quieter atmosphere on the hillside with gorgeous views and a lively environment by their cove-style beach. This property would have fit both Jack and Cassie’s personalities very well, and they would have been able to experience the things they were both dreaming of for their honeymoon.

The lesson to you: if you book a trip where both of your personalities and dreams are not in alignment with the resort, it will result in an experience that is “just okay”. And that isn’t a mistake you can afford to make for a trip as special as this. It needs to fit perfectly.

As a travel planner, I understand how hard it is to figure out what resort will best fit your dreams. It doesn’t take long for hundreds of reviews to sound the same and the plethora of images to blend together. But don’t rush the process, settling for something that’s “ok”. Your honeymoon starts the next chapter of your lives together and should reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple! 

Explore which resort style fits your personality best – it just may save you hours of needless online searching! 



COMPANY: Your Vacation Plan

Your Vacation Plan has helped hundreds of couples find the perfect destination for their vacation. Utilizing our knowledge from touring and staying at the top resorts allow us to determine what options fit you best. Our ability to create your perfect vacation is made possible by our large network of travel partners in each destination to ensure that our couples have the best experiences possible. We pride ourselves in taking care of the finest details.

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