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If there’s one thing you can count on when it comes to Kansas City weather, it’s that Kansas City weather is certain to change. As charming as that may be in conversation, the reality is far from cute. Anyone who has experienced the unwelcome surprise will tell you there’s truly nothing quite like the last minute scramble to find a suitable indoor location. We get it. We’ve been there, and we decided to put our experience to work and compile a stellar list of Kansas City indoor photo locations for you, just in case. Grab a beverage, kick back and relax; we’re here to help.

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Where to Take Indoor Photos in Kansas City

30 West Pershing Road Kansas City, MO 64108 | Great for couples, families and wedding parties.

Located in the heart of Kansas City, Union Station boasts a prominent role in KC’s rich history, as well as some of the most beautiful architecture in Crown Town. From the majestic Grand Plaza, to the upper corridors, and a hundred other spots in between, Union Station is worth consideration for indoor photos in Kansas City. 

The historic building is large enough to accommodate large wedding parties and families alike, but there are plenty of natural light pockets and other spaces perfect for a smaller crew, too. Be sure to check with the facility before arrival to make sure it is not closed to the public on your date. You’ll need to purchase a photography permit, as well! 

Sara Dean Photography

The Skywalk

Union Station and Westin Crown Center | Great for couples, small families.

While it may seem unconventional, the Skywalk between Union Station and the Westin Crown Center can be a great modern option for a small group or couple. Natural light is in abundance, and there are elevators available, if needed. If you are considering this option, bear in mind that the Skywalk sees quite a bit of foot traffic. You’ll need to be prepared to move aside for passersby frequently, but if that isn’t a bother, this might be the spot for you. This Kansas City indoor photo location provides great depth for beautiful shallow focus shots.

1 East Pershing Rd Kansas City, MO 64108 | Great for couples, small families.

The iconic Westin at Crown Center is known for its elegant accommodations and location, but it also might be just the spot for your indoor photos. The lobby is connected to Crown Center, and boasts a beautiful waterfall display which creates a unique indoor backdrop for photos. Natural light from the nearby windows gives this weatherproof spot an edge. 

Be sure to check with security before getting all set up, but as long as no heavy equipment (think, flash equipment, etc.) is in use and other guests are not disturbed, they are usually happy to accommodate.

Hourly Photography Studios

Various locations in Kansas City | Great for couples, small families, and headshots.

Kansas City is home to a number of indoor styled photography studios which are available for hourly rentals. Rates range from $50/hour to $200+/hour, so there is something for every budget. These indoor spaces are usually versatile and perfect for an engagement session, small family session, or even headshots. While you might need a little more lead time to book these spaces, the locations are great and the rates are reasonable. A few hourly photography studios in Kansas City include: 1317 Studio, North Light Studio, Crossroads Studio, among others.

At Home

Your home | Great for couples and families.

There’s a reason our dear Dorothy wished so fervently, “There’s no place like home.” You may not be wearing ruby slippers, but the most perfect place for your indoor photos in Kansas City might be your very own living room. 

Is there anything better than curling up on the couch with the one you love, sipping coffee and enjoying the sound of rain together? There’s something about being photographed in the place where you do all your everyday living that sparks a little magic. Switch it up and cook omelets together as a family, or have a romantic taste test while you prepare a meal for two. If bare feet, authentic moments, cozy sweaters and all the warm fuzzy feelings appeal to you, then you need to consider taking indoor photos at home. 

Your “Go To”

Various locations in Kansas City | Great for couples.

What’s your “go to” spot? Where did you have your first meet-cute? First date? Do you have a favorite coffee shop or tavern? Why not bring your photographer along and have them photograph you in your element? The weather may have forced you indoors, but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the time over a romantic glass of wine or cuddling up in a booth at your favorite coffee shop. Be sure to check with management, but as long as you are unobtrusive, most businesses are happy to oblige…especially when they know their establishment is an integral part of your story.

You’re ready for a great photo session! With this shortlist of Kansas City indoor photo locations, you’ll find the perfect alternative location in no time.  



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