online wedding planning tools

In this technological age it’s become easier than ever to find tools that can take the headache out of the wedding planning process. And we’re here to highlight a few of our favorites, in hopes that it will help you avoid any obstacles you might encounter on your walk down the aisle. Get a load of the online wedding planning tools.


The average cost of a wedding in the United States is around $24,000. Many times, couples come up with an arbitrary number long before they have any idea what goes into that figure. Fortunately, the ‘Cost of Wedding’ calculator identifies how closely aligned your perception is with reality. It even takes into account the fluctuation of event costs based on your location. Fill in the data points, and it will give you a realistic range of what you can expect to pay. And if you end up with a severe case of sticker shock, you can simply adjust the variables to arrive at your ideal number long before you sign any contracts.  


More brides than not are still electing to take their husbands surname. But with the hassle of making the name change official, we have to think that’s a huge factor why some keep theirs the same. When it comes to social security cards, credit cards, personal property, and even crafting a new signature, it’s exhausting to think about. Fortunately, Hitch Switch has taken the hassle out of it. With a low $39 fee, they’ve simplified it into 3 easy steps. Sounds like money well spent!


Maybe you want assigned seating. Maybe you don’t. Either way, you’ll want All Seated in your list of online bookmarks. What has evolved from a seating chart tool has become a revolutionary platform where you can use virtual reality and 360 diagramming to set up your reception layout, play around with tables and flow, set up the virtual dance floor, and see for yourself how it will all come together. Ask your venue if they have an All Seated diagram that they can share with you.


This new tech-savvy tool is an app that helps guide you through the wedding planning process. It has a little (or long) to-do list that you can check off as you make progress. Add vendors as you hire them for your wedding and track payment and email details. Encourage your fiance (or mother) to also download the app so that you can both see the progress that is being made on planning.  It’s something that acts as a handy reminder to guide you along the way, and make sure no stone, or detail, is left unturned.

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